Cats, cameras and cars

Thanks very much for all your interest in the competition we are running for a free Pi-Car – and of course to Raspberry Pi for featuring us in their Sunday Grab Bag so you could all find us.

The response has been amazing and from the ideas you have submitted and the visits to the website we have learnt quite a lot about you ;

1) You really love radio controlled cars

2) Lots of you would like your radio controlled cars to become robots one day

3) You may love cameras even more than radio controlled cars (whatever is going to happen to the poor Raspberry Pi servers when the camera goes on sale)

4) You are a polite bunch (maybe this is just because you want to win a car 🙂 )

5) You like cats more than dogs – cats feature in a surprising number of ideas, dogs in only one or two!

6) Guten Tag! – Lots of you are German!

7) You have some really great ideas on what you would do and it is going to be really hard to pick 5 winners – but for those who don’t win we’ll have some news soon on how to get hold of a Pi-Car and how to make it work.

So please keep on submitting your ideas, maybe something below will give you an idea:

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1 Response to Cats, cameras and cars

  1. Adam Kausch says:

    Putting a GPS on the Pi-Car is a great idea. wish i had thought of that.

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