Pi-Cars appears in Raspberry Pi For Dummies!

Pi-Cars appears in the new book Raspberry Pi For Dummies by Sean McManus and Mike Cook, in a chapter at the end that outlines some inspiring Raspberry Pi projects.
Co-author Sean McManus told us: “The book gets people up and running with the Raspberry Pi and introduces them to programming in Scratch and Python, and to their first electronics projects interfaced with the Raspberry Pi. We wanted to give readers an idea of the kinds of things that others were building with the Raspberry Pi so we concluded the book with ten inspiring projects, including Pi-Cars.”

He added: “The videos for Pi-Cars clearly show how much fun the whole family have with them, and I liked the way that Scratch has been integrated. It’s a fantastically accessible way for everyone to get started with programming, including younger family members, and when you connect Scratch to real cars running around the house, it really brings the abstract world of programming to life!”

Other projects that were highlighted in the last chapter include a talking reporting system for a boat, automated Halloween lights, a jukebox and a weather station.

You can find out more about Raspberry Pi For Dummies and how to buy at Sean’s website – click here.

You can buy a Pi-Car or Took Kit at our Embark-ideas website – click here.

Rasberry Pi for Dummies featuring pi-cars

The Raspberry Pi for Dummies book written by Sean McManus and Mike Cook features Pi-Cars in the 10 projects to do with your Pi-Car.

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