Pi-Cars are back – delivered by ModMyPi

Sorry that we have not been able to supply Pi-Cars or Pi-Cars took kits recently. Unfortunately the Pi-Cars warehouse (i.e. our garage) had to be turned into a playroom due to the rampaging of this guy:

Red photo

Robust though they are, Pi-Cars had no chance of surviving with him in the same room so we have been unable to make and ship them.

However, we wanted them still to be available so we contacted the ModMyPi team who are now selling Pi-Cars on their website – click here.

All of the material for building the Pi-Cars and learning Python once you have one will still be available here – check out the Under the Bonnet section . So go ahead and get learning with Pi-Cars!

We had great fun building Pi-Cars and think they are a fantastic tool for schools and for getting people into programming and electronics. See why we did it by clicking here. We are still innovating and our next product – My Action Replay – is in the Sports and Leisure technology market – check it out here.

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