Under the bonnet

Welcome to Pi-Cars ‘under the bonnet’ where you get to work out how to interact with your Pi-Car and also – if you have bought a tool-kit – how to build it.

Let’s get going – click on one of the links below:

Quick Starts (use these if you already have a Raspberry Pi up and running and a Pi-Car built):

 Set-up and background:


Driving Lessons:

We have built this section on some very simple rules:

  • Our aim is that anyone can use these sessions without any prior knowledge to interact with their Pi-Cars to learn about programming and electronics.
  • If you get stuck on any of them please leave a comment on the session or contact us at info@pi-cars.com . Don’t worry if you think the question has already been answered before it can sometimes be difficult to find the answer – we don’t want any orphaned pi-cars.

3 Responses to Under the bonnet

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  3. Angela - Shires Driving School says:

    Another use for the Raspberry Pi 🙂 I will have to look into it a bit more as it looks like fun!

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